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Sanborn Youth Football & Cheering Corporation



Teams / Levels:

Youth – Grades 2-4

Junior – Grades 5-6

Varsity / Junior Varsity – Grades 7-8


The organization provides a helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, game jersey, 1 pair game pants, 1 pair of practice pants, 1 pad set (knee, thigh, tailbone, hip), and belt. You will be responsible for providing mouthpiece, cleats, (metal cleats are not allowed), practice jersey, and water bottle.


Practices will begin on two weeks before school starts and will be Monday – Friday until school begins.  Typically practices have been from 5:30 – 7:30, times may change depending on coaches.  In addition, the Youth team typically have a reduced practice schedule.  Coaches will announce practice schedules for after Labor Day during the first two weeks of practice.   


All practices will be at the Kingston Fairgrounds fields, off of Folly Brook Terrace. 


Per the town of Kingston, we cannot use the field on Wednesdays, this will be an off day for all teams throughout the season.  


The season opens with a Jamboree at Gill stadium in Manchester which is played the weekend before Labor day.  Youth level will end their season with another Jamboree at the end of October.  Junior and Varsity levels have playoffs to end the season.  Playoffs are typically the last week of October into the first two weeks of November. 


All games are held on weekends.  Most Youth and Junior level games will be played on Saturdays.  Varsity and Junior Varsity play most games on Sunday afternoon.  This is not a set schedule, each level may have games on other weekend days and Varsity may play games on Saturday nights. 





The organization provides a uniform including a vest and skirt. You will be responsible for providing shoes, body suits and undergarments, and a water bottle.

This is a recreation cheerleading program, they will cheer only for the football games, we do not attend competitions. Girls will be cheering at both home and away games, either on Saturdays or Sundays or possibly both.

Practices will begin two weeks before school starts and will be two-three days a week at Swasey Gym in KIngston.  Days and times will be announced by the cheer coach.  Attendance at practice is expected in order to cheer at the games. 


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