Attention!!   The New Rockingham Rockets Youth Football Team is not associated with the Sanborn School District. This team was created as a means to take children away from the Sanborn Youth Program. Our youth program follows the Sanborn Reg. H.S. football program for offensive/defensive schemes to allow our childrent a smoother transition from youth to high school.


The Sanborn Youth Football & Cheering organization has been formed to coach Football & Cheer Leading fundamentals in a safe environment for all members of the Sanborn School District; comprised of the towns of Kingston, Fremont and Newton. We follow the same philosophies and guidelines as the Sanborn Regional High School Football program by developing each athlete’s strength, coordination and mutual respect, which in turn prepares players to participate at the high school level.

  • We strive to motivate and develop the emotional & physical well being of each child to their individual talent level.

  • We provide the youth in our community with a safe, positive experience in Flag & Contact Football and Cheerleading.

  • We demonstrate to each child the value of academics, teamwork and competitiveness, both on and off the field.

  • We show each participant the fundamentals of good sportsmanship while winning or losing.

I’m looking forward to the 2014-15 season and meeting all new members that become part of our Sanborn Junior Indian family.